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1 natural or artificial channel through which water flows
2 a natural body of running water flowing on or under the earth [syn: stream]
3 a conduit through which water flows [syn: waterway]

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From water + course.


  1. any channel, either natural or artificial, through which water flows


Channel through which water flows

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A watercourse is any flowing body of water. These include rivers, streams, brooks, anabranches et cetera.
watercourse in Spanish: Rambla de agua
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adolescent stream, aqueduct, arroyo, beck, bed, bourn, braided stream, branch, brook, brooklet, burn, canal, channel, conduit, course, creek, creek bed, crick, culvert, donga, dry bed, duct, flowing stream, flume, fluviation, fresh, freshet, gill, gulch, gully, gullyhole, headrace, irrigation ditch, kill, lazy stream, meandering stream, midchannel, midstream, millstream, moving road, navigable river, nullah, race, racing stream, river, river bed, riverway, rivulet, run, rundle, runlet, runnel, sike, sluice, spill stream, spillbox, spillway, stream, stream action, stream bed, streamlet, streamway, subterranean river, swash, swash channel, tailrace, wadi, water carrier, water channel, water furrow, water gap, water gate, waterway, waterworks
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